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The House Of Cards provides comprehensive and authoritative information about all types of card games, including traditional card games, children's card games, party card games, and strategy card games

The House Of Cards began as a BBS in 1994, and earned a loyal following among local Kansas City patrons, as well as a few hardy long-distance folk. In 1995 I moved the House Of Cards to the Internet as a personal homepage, dropping the BBS soon thereafter.

In the early days the site was concerned primarily with solitaire, but in 1997, when I launched a new site called Solitaire Central, the focus of the House Of Cards broadened to include all sorts of card games and card game information.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to the House Of Cards, and return often. If there's a particular type of game you'd like to learn more about, drop me a line and I'll see if I can put together a page for it. Likewise, if you know
a link that would be appropriate for this site, please let me know.

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    My name is Randy Rasa, and I am the webmaster here at The House Of Cards.

    I should not be mistaken for an expert in any of the games presented here. I am reasonably familiar with what products are available, but I am not an authority on the details of any specific game. In fact, the universe of card games is too large for any one person to know it all. If you have a specific question about a particular game, please consult one of the sites that specialize in the game you're interested in – they have the space to present their information in far more detail than I do here.


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