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BridgeOriginally derived from Whist, Bridge has long been one of the most popular card games in the world. Because it's a partnership game, it's an ideal game for parties and gatherings. One can learn the basic rules of Bridge in just a few minutes, but spend a lifetime mastering the intricacies and strategies of this deep and subtle game.

These bridge-related products help you to become a better bridge player, and make it fun and easy to learn this sophisticated game.

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Bridge Products

  • Game Mate Handheld Electronic Contract BridgeGame Mate Handheld Electronic Contract Bridge
    This handheld electronic game allows you to play three types of bridge: Contract, Rubber, or Duplicate. It automatically keeps score as you play, either solo or against three virtual computer opponents. Six bidding conventions hone your skills, including Short Club Opener, Pre-emptive Three Level Opener, Take Out Doubles, No Trump, Stayman Two Club Convention, and Blackwood Slam Convention. You can have cards dealt to you randomly for a tougher challenge or select the cards you'd like to practice bidding strategies. You can replay each hand, take back a bid, ask for hints, or look at other hands on the table. You can also connect up to three units together for live multi-player games, without the fuss of cards and score-keeping. Requires three AAA batteries.

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