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BridgeOriginally derived from Whist, Bridge has long been one of the most popular card games in the world. Because it's a partnership game, it's an ideal game for parties and gatherings. One can learn the basic rules of Bridge in just a few minutes, but spend a lifetime mastering the intricacies and strategies of this deep and subtle game.

These bridge-related products help you to become a better bridge player, and make it fun and easy to learn this sophisticated game.

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Bridge Products

  • Excalibur Handheld LCD Bridge GameExcalibur Handheld LCD Bridge Game
    Play contract bridge with this handheld electronic game that features Standard American five-card bidding, it plays either rubber or duplicate bridge and uses contract scoring. It offers three difficulty levels, and players can review the last hand played, replay hands to practice bidding and strategy, or request hints from the computer for a bid suggestion or a card to play. Players can also watch the computer play all remaining cards in a game for instructional purposes. The easy-to-read, adjustable-contrast LCD provides a look at other hands on the "table" while buttons enable selection of both the suit and card values to be bid or played. Requires three AAA batteries.
  • Game Mate Handheld Electronic Contract BridgeGame Mate Handheld Electronic Contract Bridge
    This handheld electronic game allows you to play three types of bridge: Contract, Rubber, or Duplicate. It automatically keeps score as you play, either solo or against three virtual computer opponents. Six bidding conventions hone your skills, including Short Club Opener, Pre-emptive Three Level Opener, Take Out Doubles, No Trump, Stayman Two Club Convention, and Blackwood Slam Convention. You can have cards dealt to you randomly for a tougher challenge or select the cards you'd like to practice bidding strategies. You can replay each hand, take back a bid, ask for hints, or look at other hands on the table. You can also connect up to three units together for live multi-player games, without the fuss of cards and score-keeping. Requires three AAA batteries.

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