Playing Card Brands

These are the most famous brands and trusted names in playing cards, including commercial and wholesale brands.

  • Bicycle Playing Cards

    Bicycle playing cards have been America's favorite since 1885, and are crafted using custom paper and coatings so consumers can trust Bicycle performance hand after hand.

  • Congress Cards

    Congress Playing Cards, with their unique Cel-U-Tone finish, are some of the finest paper cards in the world, and include a sturdy card box with each set.

  • Copag Cards

    Copag 100% Plastic Playing Cards are some of the finest plastic playing cards in the world. They're rugged, washable, and perfect for heavy use or for children. And at such low prices, they're nearly as inexpensive as regular playing cards, though they will last far longer.

  • Fournier Cards

    Fournier, one of Spain's leading manufacturers of playing cards, produces some of the most beautiful playing cards in the world, with crisp colors and superb quality.

  • Gemaco Playing Cards

    Gemaco makes some of the world's finest 100% plastic playing cards. Gemaco is one of the premier suppliers of playing cards for casinos, and now their high-quality, durable designs are available direct to consumers.

  • Hoyle Cards

    Hoyle Playing Cards have been trusted by serious card players for generations, and are crafted using custom paper and coatings for enhanced durability and improved shuffling and dealing.

  • KEM Cards

    KEM Plastic Playing Cards are the finest and most distinguished playing cards in the world. They look different and feel different, because they are different. They last at least 30 times longer than typical paper cards.

  • Modiano Cards

    Modiano Playing Cards are made in Italy and are manufactured of 100% plastic, which means that they are designed to last many times longer than traditional paper-based / plastic-coated playing cards.

  • Piatnik Cards

    Piatnik has a long history of manufacturing high-quality playing cards, highly prized by card players for their long wear and smooth play, and by card collectors for the stylish and elegant designs.

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Last Update: March 5th, 2014