Playing Card Collecting

Playing Card CollectingPlaying cards offer a rich vein for collectors, due to the long history of playing cards and the huge variety of cards that have been produced over the years.

Learn about playing card collecting, view private and museum collections online, and visit other collectors to learn about their passion for playing cards.

  • 52 Plus Joker
    A club that facilitates the collection and trading of antique and collectible playing cards and related items, and advances knowledge about the history, manufacture and artistic aspect of playing cards.
  • Alta Carta
    A web site for playing card collectors who want to extend their collections, offering playing cards for trade and sale. The site also offers a playing card knowledge base with links and information about collecting playing cards.
  • Andy Pollett's Playing-Card Picture Gallery
    Illustrations of numerous playing cards from around the world, including both standard and non-standard decks.
  • Antique Playing Card Collection
    Barry Magarick's Antique Playing Card Collection exhibits some favorite historic decks for people interested in old and curious playing cards.
  • Australian Playing Card Collectors Society
    The Australian Playing Card Collectors Society that holds regular meetins and fairs at which members and visitors may display and discuss their collections, as well as trade cards.
  • Ben Bornstein's Playing Card Page
    The Internet source for information about playing cards and playing card collecting.
  • Cartophilia Helvetica
    An organization of collectors, historians, researchers, and journalists devoted to playing card collections (French/German).
  • Chicago Playing Card Collectors
    A club devoted to sharing the fun and knowledge of the hobby of the fascinating field of collecting playing cards.
  • Collectors Playing Cards
    Buying and selling antique, old and collectable playing cards and children's card games from around the world.
  • D. J. McAdam Encyclopedia of Playing Cards
    A comprehensive collection of information related to playing cards, with particular emphasis on the collection of playing cards as a hobby.
  • Dawson on Playing Cards
    A website dedicated to the wonderful world of collecting old and unusual playing cards, and to sharing knowledge and information on this fascinating hobby.
  • Dxpo Playing Cards
    Showcasing a large variety of decks from a Dutch collection, as well as special sections about jokers and playing card ephemera.
  • English Playing Card Society
    The EPCS serves collectors of playing cards, card games and related ephemera. The site has a great collection of playing card links, information, and card images.
  • Huub's House of Jokers
    A site dedicated to collecting joker playing cards.
  • MaiJianHua's Playing Card Collection
    A collection from a Chinese playing card collector.
  • Naipemania
    A personal page dedicated to the collecting of playing-cards. Javier Ruiz collects Spanish playing-cards made all around the world , especially ancients. The site includes samples from his collection and playing card links.
    A gallery of standard english playing cards, illustrating the variety and history of standard cards, and providing a reference for fellow collectors and admirers of cards.
  • Playing Card Joker Collection
    Playing card joker collection, includes images of traditional jokers grouped by topic. Information for collectors, history of playing cards, links and collecting supplies.
  • Playing Cards of The World Wiki
    An unofficial reference for collectors of relatively modern playing cards, by Australian collector Ray Nilsson.
  • Tarot and Playing Cards Museum
    Alexander Sukhorukov is a Russian bridge player and card collector. On his site you can view his 20-year collection of more than 100,000 playing cards.
  • The Bob Lancaster Gallery of Unusual Playing Cards
    A celebration of playing cards, especially those with non-standard Jacks, Queens and Kings. [archive]
  • The British Brewery Playing Card Society
    The British Brewery Playing Card Society collects and buys all types of advertising playing cards, especially brewery ones.
  • The World of Playing Cards
    Everything you ever wanted to know about playing cards ... from what the earliest playing cards looked like to how to make your own hand-made pack or buy an unusual deck to add to your collection.
  • The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards
    The card collection of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards is displayed online on this beautifully-designed web site.
  • Tundra Card Collection
    A personal collection of playing cards of many types from all over the world.
  • World Web Playing Card Museum
    A massive collection of playing cards of all types, from all over the world, all thoroughly indexed and organized.

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