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Playing Card HistoryThere are a large number of playing card images and pictures on the web. Some of these are actual photographs of decks of cards. Othere are custom decks used in various card game software. There are also generic playing card images available if you wish to create your own card games.

  • AS-Solitaire Cardsets
    Here you will find Cardsets for the game collection AS-Solitaire. The site also includes the Rekoview WYSIWYG CardSetEditor, which allows you to create Reko decks. A huge collection of decks here.
    This site offers "Classic" and "Windows" playing card images. These may be used for personal or professional purposes. The images include complete 52-card decks, plus jokers and generic card backs.
  • Oxymoron's Cards
    A deck of playing card graphics from Oliver Xymoron, featuring Egyptian-themed cardbacks.
  • Playing Cards with CSS
    An article discussing a technique to create playing card images cascading style sheets. Clever!
  • Pretty Good Solitaire Card Sets
    These card sets can be used with Goodsol's Pretty Good Solitaire, Action Solitaire, FreeCell Wizard, and Spider Wizard. The site also contains info on designing your own card sets, and links to user-created sets.
  • PySol Cardsets
    This site offers a collection of free cardsets adapted for use with the PySol solitaire game. It may also be useful for authors of other free card games. has some additional PySol playing card images, including "Bavarian Court", "Belgium Export", "Emperial Dondorf", "Russian Court", and many others.
  • Solitaire Setty
    Solitaire Setty is a card set designer for Solitaire City, the solitaire game collection from Pete Wiseman. The site also contains a number of photo-realistic card sets.
  • SVG Playing cards
    A deck of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) playing cards, licensed under the LGPL.
  • The Deck Press
    With the Deck Press you can build your own decks for all Silver Creek Entertainment card games. This site also hast links to collections of Deck Press-created playing cards thoughout the web.
  • Using CARDS.DLL
    CARDS.DLL is a library of card images that comes with Microsoft Windows (these are the same images used by Microsoft Solitaire and Freecell, among others). This article explains how to use the DLL in your own programs. Additional articles: Playing Cards DLL, Cards.DLL Enhanced, Using Cards.DLL in Delphi, Build a Managed C# Playing Card UserControl, How To Use Cards.DLL.

Playing Card Images For Download

Here are a few playing card images (both complete decks and individual cards) that you can download for your own use:

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