Playing Card Manufacturers

Playing Card Manufacturing

The making of playing cards has a long history. Early decks were, of course, hand-made, but modern decks are created using sophisticated machinery and outstanding craftsmanship.

The following is a comprehensive listing of many of the playing card manufacturers and publishers throughout the world:

  • Ace Card Company
    A supplier of playing cards and card games, located in Delhi, India.
  • Apollo Playing Cards
    Since 1986, Apollo has manufactured custom-imprinted Bridge- and Poker-sized playing cards for promotional use.
  • Asha Industries
    An Indian playing card manufacturer, specializing in manufacturing orders to buyer's requirements, using your designs, your specified quantity, and your idea of price. Nice collection of online card images.
  • Bicycle Playing Cards
    Bicycle delivers premium quality cards that have the reputation of being the easiest to shuffle, deal, and play since 1885.
  • Carta Mundi
    Group of 4 playing card factories in Europe and the US. Over 200 years history in card manufacturing.
  • Congress Playing Cards
    Playing cards with a well-earned reputation for quality and attractive, artful designs.
  • Copag Plastic Playing Cards
    Copag 100% Plastic Playing Cards are some of the finest plastic playing cards in the world. Copag is a pioneer in the manufacturing of decks.
  • East Playing Cards
    A professional playing cards manufacturer, mainly producing high & middle-grade poker for amusement, gifts, and advertisements. Based in Hangzhou, China.
  • Fenghua Chunguang Playing Cards Factory
    A leading supplier of plastic coated playing cards, game cards, and promotional cards with registered trademark 'Sanyu', which are prepared with quality materials and distinct workmanship, and have won a reputation for stiffness, smoothness, flexibility, refinement and feel.
  • Fournier Plastic Playing Cards
    Fournier, one of Spain's leading manufacturers of playing cards, produces some of the most beautiful playing cards in the world, with crisp colors and superb quality.
  • Games and Print Services
    The UK's number one playing card manufacturer, game card manufacturer and quality print finisher.
  • Gemaco Plastic Playing Cards
    Gemaco makes some of the world's finest 100% plastic playing cards. Gemaco is one of the premier suppliers of playing cards for casinos, and now their high-quality, durable designs are available direct to consumers.
  • Hearts Playingcards
    Hearts Playingcards is a specialist producer of all kinds of playing cards, including standard and custom packs.
  • Hoyle Playing Cards
    Each deck of Hoyle is crafted using custom paper and coatings, bringing the authority synonymous with Edmund Hoyle to your next game.
  • KEM Plastic Playing Cards
    KEM Plastic Playing Cards are the finest and most distinguished playing cards in the world. They look different and feel different, because they are different. They last at least 30 times longer than typical paper cards.
  • Kling Magnetics
    Kling's magnetic playing cards are thin cards with a magnetized surface, perfect for playing your favorite game outdoors or while traveling. Comes with it's own playing board.
  • MeiJia International
    One of the largest manufacturers of playing cards and board games in all of China. They are also the largest casino playing cards manufacturer in China.
  • Modiano Playing Cards
    Modiano Playing Cards are made in Italy and are manufactured of 100% plastic, which means that they are designed to last many times longer than traditional paper-based / plastic-coated playing cards.
  • Monogrammatiks
    Monogrammatiks produces high-quality, customized playing cards for both individuals and organizations.
  • Old Bridge Playing Card Co.
    The Old Bridge Playing Card Co., Inc. (OBPC) presents the fastest, most visible, long distance playing cards ever made for the general playing card public. Our new, innovative, functionally improved playing cards are for now and well into the 21st Century. Includes "CompuDeck", "Elite", "Elite II", "Duet", and "TravelDeck".
  • Palaimon Cards
    Canadian company that specializes in the manufacture of high quality, premium, custom playing cards for both the professional and recreational card player.
  • Parksons Press
    Parksons Press is a leading commercial offset printer in India, specializing in the manufacture of playing cards. They are the largest manufacturer of playing cards in India. The site includes nice pictures of their cards.
  • Piatnik Playing Cards
    The Piatnik factory was established in 1824 and offers the largest selection of standard and luxury playing card items worldwide.
  • Playing Cards Manufacturers List
    Gunther Anderson's comprehensive list of playing card makers, their addresses, phone numbers, and web links.
  • Politicards
    Politicards are caricatures on playing cards with political candidates and players caught in the spotlight of the presidential election.
  • Stardeck
    Stardeck is a unique deck of cards made up of five suits -- the usual hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, plus the "star" suit, which is both red and black. Makes for some interesting card game possibilities ...
  • T.M. Playing Cards
    A playing card manufacturer based in India, they have a nice collection of cards on display in their catalog.
  • United States Playing Card Company
    The world's largest playing card manufacturer, maker of Bee, Bicycle, and Aviator brand cards, among others. The site features info about the company, pictures of their cards, and a few card game rules.
  • WhiteKnuckle Playing Cards
    WhiteKnuckle Playing Cards offers a unique and enriched rendition of the standard English / American playing card.
  • Your Playing Cards
    Your Playing Cards is a service that allows you to create your very own full-color, fully-customized playing cards, and get them in just a few days. You can choose from thousands of pre-configured design templates, or easily design your own. There are no set-up charges, and it takes just a few minutes to build your cards live in the interactive and easy-to-use online card builder.
  • ZByte High Tech Playing Cards
    The first logical change for playing cards in 500 years. Created just in time for the 21st century.

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