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Card TricksAs long as there have been playing cards, there have been card tricks. Whether you think of them as optical illusions, slight-of-hand, or pure magic, card tricks have been delighting and astounding audiences for generations.

The cools thing is that almost anyone, with a little study and a lot of practice, can learn to do card tricks to entertain their family and friends!

Card Trick Books

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Card Trick Links

  • Card Magic Revealed
    Learning card magic takes more than just memorization. You need a reliable, repeatable system that will teach you to master each portion of the trick consistently. This might be the only guide to card magic that you'll ever need -- progress smoothly from novice card magic to the kinds of impressive tricks that the pros use to astound and amaze.
  • Card Trick Central
    Card Trick Central is a magical web site devoted to card tricks and card magic of all kinds. All card tricks are free.
  • Gag Gifts Superstore
    Save up to 50% and get all your magic tricks, magic sets, gag gifts, pranks, and fun items from GagWorks. Over 1,000 fun items to choose from. Fast delivery and secure, easy ordering online. GagWorks is the Internets Largest Supplier of Fun for all ages.
  • Secrets Of Card Magic
    Chris Burton reveals detailed step-by-step explanations for some amazing card tricks and sleight of hand that will amaze your friends and family. Includes 300+ video clips of mind-blowing card tricks!
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