Gemaco Playing Cards

Gemaco Playing CardsGemaco makes some of the world's finest 100% plastic playing cards. Gemaco is one of the premier suppliers of playing cards for casinos, and now their high-quality, durable designs are available direct to consumers.

The durable PVC construction of Gemaco playing cards prevents them from being easily marked or creased, and the cards always return to their natural flat shape after being shuffled or bent during play. They are heavier and stiffer than typical paper cards, with a good quality feel. They are even washable. These cards were developed by Gemaco to resist wear and tear, automatic shufflers, bends, creases, and everyday casino use, so they hold up very well and don't need replacing as often as most paper cards. If you only play occasionally, these may be the only cards you'll ever need to buy. Even if you play weekly or more, they should last for many years to come.

Gemaco cards are:

  • Long-lasting - Will last for many years under typical home usage
  • Washable - Cold water, a mild detergent, and a soft towel will remove almost any dirt or smudges
  • Crisp - Gemaco cards stay clean, crisp, fresh and flexible throughout their life
  • Flexible - Excellent snap and shape memory
  • Rugged - Will not mark, dent, or crease under normal playing conditions

Find out for yourself why others are choosing Gemaco and never dealing another brand of card.

Gemaco Playing Cards

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