KEM Playing Cards

KEM Playing CardsA status symbol to some, a cost reducing card to others, they are the most desired playing cards in the world. They look different and feel different, because they are different.

KEM is a 60 year old company that manufactures only one product, cellulose acetate playing cards which are 100% plastic. They do not use vinyl, which is the raw material used by all other manufacturers for their so-called "plastic cards". They are the only company in the world with the ability to manufacture cards from cellulose acetate.

Although KEM is a relatively expensive card to purchase, they are the least expensive on a per-play basis. They last at least 30 times longer than a paper card and considerably longer than a vinyl card. Also, acetate will not warp or stick together as many other cards will.

KEM cards are long lasting, odorless and washable, resist scuffing and breaking, are clean and crisp, are fresh and flexible, and come in many varieties, including the following:

KEM Playing Cards

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Outstanding Features of KEM Cards

  • The average life of KEM cards in social card playing is estimated at 5 to 7 years.
  • KEM cards stay clean, crisp, fresh and flexible throughout their life.
  • KEM cards are odorless. They resist scuffing, breaking and dog-earring. They cannot be marred. They can be repeatedly washed (following washing instructions).
  • KEM are the only cards made of cellulose-acetate - a strong, tough, yet flexible plastic.
  • It takes three months to make each deck of KEM cards, combining the excellence of costly materials, workmanship, and experience of over 60 years.
  • KEM are the world's top quality cards. A status symbol to some, a cost-reducing card to others.
  • KEM cards are excellent for gifts.
  • The manufacturer of the cards provide a one-year guarantee and five-year replacement period.

Tips To Prolong The Life of Your KEM Cards

  • Keep your KEM Cards clean. They will reward you with longer life. Washing makes KEM Cards perform like new for years:
    • Use cold water, mild neutral soap solution and a soft cloth only. Never use hot water for washing.
    • Clean only a few cards at a time.
    • Rub very lightly on both sides and rinse quickly.
    • Dry thoroughly at once using a clean, soft cloth.
    • Spread KEM Cards on a table and allow up to one hour on each side to dry; avoid direct sunshine or proximity of heating elements.
    • Occasionally wipe off KEM cards with a damp cloth and let dry thoroughly.
  • Never use detergent or alkaline soap!
  • Never wash KEM Cards in a washing machine!
  • Never put KEM Cards away damp, either from washing or perspiration.
  • Play on a soft cloth or felt covered surface.
  • Never store KEM Cards exposed to sunshine or any other source of heat.

The KEM logo is a trademark of KEM Plastic Playing Cards, Inc. Images and information regarding the cards is copyright KEM Plastic Playing Cards, Inc.

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