Modiano Playing Cards

Modiano Playing CardsModiano Playing Cards are made in Italy and are manufactured of 100% plastic, which means that they are designed to last many times longer than traditional paper-based / plastic-coated playing cards.

Modiano Playing Cards are fade-resitant, washable, waterproof, and won't crimp, crease, or tear under normal playing conditions. Modiano has been making smooth, durable playing cards since 1868.

Although Modiano Playing Cards (and other 100% Plastic Playing Cards) are somewhat more expensive than paper-based cards, they're enhanced durability means that they'll remain smooth and trouble-free for years. They're a solid investment, particularly for families with small children or for those who play cards regularly.

If you only play occasionally, these may be the only cards you'll ever need to buy. But even if you play weekly or more, they should last for many years to come.

Modiano Playing Cards

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