Rummy Playing Cards

This is a small selection of playing cards for the game of Rummy. Most Rummy games can be played with a standard deck, either with or without jokers, though special decks are used for some Rummy games.

  • Bicycle Rummy CardsBicycle Rummy Cards
    Rediscover the world's most popular social card game with Bicycle Rummy Games. Basic Rummy is so simple to learn that everybody can play, from preschoolers to Grandma and Grandpa. Kids have a great time while learning basic math, concentration, and social skills. Contains 2 poker-sized Rummy decks with additional little pips across the top that make it easier to see your matched sets. Comes with Rummy instruction cards.

Since many Rummy games require players to hold a large number of cards in their hand, bridge cards are a good choice, since they're slightly narrower than poker cards (though some poker cards have special indexes that make them easy to identify in a fan of cards, which is also useful).

Another option, particularly with older players, is Jumbo Index Playing Cards (for easier-to-read cards) coupled with a card holder (either the kind that allows you to hold a fan, or a card rack).

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Last Update: August 23rd, 2011