Specialty Playing Cards

The following playing cards were designed for particular games (bridge, poker, pinochle, etc.), or are specialty playing cards aimed at specific audiences or uses.

Playing Cards for Specific Games

  • Bridge Playing Cards

    A selection of bridge-sized playing cards, as well as accessories such as bridge tallies and bridge scorepads.

  • Canasta Playing Cards

    These playing cards are designed with special features for playing Canasta and other related games.

  • Euchre Playing Cards

    Special decks designed for playing the game of Euchre.

  • Pinochle Playing Cards

    A Pinochle deck contains 48 cards: two each of the aces, face cards, tens, and nines of all four suits.

  • Poker Playing Cards

    These poker-sized playing cards are ideal for a weekend poker party, or for everyday play.

  • Rummy Playing Cards

    Most Rummy games use a standard deck, either with or without jokers, though special decks are used for some Rummy games.

  • Solitaire Playing Cards

    Specialized solitaire playing cards make some games easier, or take up less space.

Specialized Playing Cards

  • Jumbo Index Playing Cards

    Playing cards with large numbers and symbols, or other features that make them easier to read.

  • Plastic Playing Cards

    100% Plastic Playing Cards are rugged, washable, and perfect for heavy use or for children. Given their durability, they're nearly as inexpensive as regular playing cards, though they will last far longer.

  • Tarot Cards

    A Tarot deck commonly consist of 78 cards. The Rider-Waite Tarot deck was first published in 1910, is probably the most popular tarot deck in use today.

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Last Update: September 13th, 2011