Baffle Gab Word Game

Baffle Gab Word Card GameBaffle Gab is an award-winning story-telling family card game that teaches children creative writing, spelling, math and sentence structure.

Gabby, the world's wordiest dog, gives you five words and one minute to write a story. Use the words correctly and earn Bone Bucks! The first player to get 100 Bone Bucks wins Baffle Gab. It's a doggone good time!

Baffle Gab is all about making up original and funny stories! The banker is in charge of the Bone Bucks. Five cards, each with a different word on them, are read out loud once. The timer starts and everyone begins writing a sentence or story using the the five Baffle Gab words. Everyone stops writing when time is up, then reads his or her story out loud. Challenges can made as soon as a player reads their story and the definition of the challenged game words are on the backs of the cards to determine whether the challenge is correct. Point values from the bone side of the word cards determine how many Bone Bucks you will receive for correctly used words.

Kids learn creative writing skills and parts of speech. They also learn math skills while making change with Gabby's Bone Bucks. Baffle Gab uses fourth grade curriculum words to develop fluency, teach parts of speech, and allow children to engage their imaginations in story telling.

Number Of Players: 2 or more
Recommended Ages: 7 and up

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