Learn To Play Bridge

BridgeOriginally derived from Whist, Bridge has long been one of the most popular card games in the world. Because it's a partnership game, it's an ideal game for parties and gatherings. One can learn the basic rules of Bridge in just a few minutes, but spend a lifetime mastering the intricacies and strategies of this deep and subtle game.

Learn to play the Bridge card game with this useful collection of Bridge tutorials, FAQs, and educational information. Of course, these links only scratch the surface, and there are many Bridge Books that can teach you the depth and subtlety of this grand game.

Other good resources for learning to play bridge are Bridge Software and Electronic Bridge Games, which often includes educational material, and allow you to practice and improve your bridge skills.

Bridge Educational Links

  • Bridge Doctor
    An easy-to-use Bridge learning system for beginners and improvers with Bridge games against the computer or live on the Internet. [ Requires subscription ]
  • Bridge Today University
    Offers a complete selection of bridge courses covering all aspects of the game, for beginners, intermediates, or advanced players.
  • Desktop Bridge Coach
    Desktop Bridge Coach is a standalone electronic device to provides expert bridge tips at the touch of a button, right on your desk (or anywhere you choose to place it). Learn Bridge at your own speed, with one push of a button!
  • FifthChair.org
    The Fifth Chair Foundation is dedicated to fostering bridge education on the internet and attracting new players to a game that has challenged, intrigued and entertained people since the early 16th century.
  • For Bridge Players: Bridge Basics
    Richard Pavlicek's 'For Bridge Players' web site offers this online Bridge textbook for beginners. Fundamentals of the game are explained in 12 progressive lessons, each followed by a quiz.
  • HowStuffWorks: How to Play Bridge
    Contract Bridge took off as an international rage in the 1930s and is considered today by many to be the ultimate card game. Learn to play with these rules, tips, and guidelines.
  • Learn To Play Bridge
    Even if you are a bridge novice or complete beginner, this step-by-step guide will make you into a competent player in just a matter of weeks. You'll have the skills you need to play with a bridge club, or go play at one of the many online bridge sites.

Last Update: April 19th, 2012