World War Z Card Game

In this game based on the blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, the zombie threat has swept the entire world! Now, choose a home continent besieged by Zs and attempt to secure it by enlisting the aid of soldiers and Elite Forces. Draw cards from the deck to defend your continent with these allies, or with sets of weapon cards, including vicious Axes, Crowbars, and Lobos. Play zombies from your hand onto other players' continents to prevent them from reaching their goal first!

This game is great for fans of the movie, or anyone looking to be a part of the zombie craze that won't die!

  • Are YOU ready to save the world from Zombies?
  • This strategy game has the human players cooperating to take on the zombies an prevent human extinction
  • But once infected, players switch sides and becomes zombies themselves
  • Perfect fit for the serious zombie fan

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