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CribbageCribbage is a two-player card game that can be learned quickly, but provides great opportunity for strategic and skillful play. For scoring, the game uses a Cribbage board consisting of a series of small holes, arranged in groups of five, and two pegs per player. The object of the game is to reach 121 points before your opponent does so.

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Cribbage Board Links

  • Classy Cribbage
    Classy Cribbage manufactures laser-engraved Cribbage Boards, the most elegant hand-crafted cribbage board available anywhere.
  • Crash Cribbage
    Crash Cribbage offers an innovative cribbage board that introduces a new level of strategy and excitement by allowing the score pegs to interact, while preserving the traditional rules of the game.
  • Cribbage Board Collectors Society
    The Cribbage Board Collectors Society was established to further the hobby of collecting cribbage boards and establish a network of cribbage board collectors.
  • Cribbage Supply
    An online store that provides cribbage boards, cribbage pegs, cribbage books, and other cribbage-related products.
    Home to fine crafted cribbage boards .
  • CribbageWorks
    Crafters of unique and innovative cribbage boards for the worldwide retail and promotional markets.
  • House of Cribbage
    An online store for exclusive cribbage boards from a world-famous manufacturer of classic wooden games. Their core belief is to create unique cribbage products that add value for money.
  • The Cribbage Guy
    Designer and maker of quality custom cribbage boards, specializing in hand-crafted cribbage boards and accessories.

How To Make a Cribbage Board

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