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CribbageCribbage is a two-player card game that can be learned quickly, but provides great opportunity for strategic and skillful play. For scoring, the game uses a Cribbage board consisting of a series of small holes, arranged in groups of five, and two pegs per player. The object of the game is to reach 121 points before your opponent does so.

The following Cribbage books include instruction books, strategy guides, tutorials, and more:

Featured Cribbage Books

  • Fun with CribbageFun with Cribbage
    Sure, sure, the best way to have Fun with Cribbage is to find an opponent and play. But this collection of challenging puzzles, hilarious stories, and fascinating quizzes is almost as much fun. It's the perfect book to bring out when your favorite opponent is missing in action. And a great gift for any cribbage player. By Dan Barlow.
  • Cribbage for Experts ... And Future ExpertsCribbage for Experts ... And Future Experts
    Your opponent always gets better cards than you do? Then your only hope is to outpeg her in the play of the hand. Dan Barlow, former National Open Tournament champion shows you how, with detailed strategies for the opening lead, the endgame, and everything between, all in reader-friendly conversational style. Regardless of your cribbage skill, if you're interested in improving, you shouldn't miss this gem. By Dan Barlow.
  • Miracles on 4th Street: A Quiz Book for Cribbage FanaticsMiracles on 4th Street: A Quiz Book for Cribbage Fanatics
    A book for those who take their cribbage seriously. More than 100 problems to solve, from Dan Barlow, former National Open Cribbage Tournament Champion. You're playing in the last hand of the last game of the tournament. The World Championship of cribbage is on the line. Can you handle the pressure? We give you the position and your cards. You decide the play. Too often cribbage players fall asleep on 4th Street, and too often they pay the price. In a realm where strategies can shift dramatically with the play of each card, you must remain con-stantly alert. The purpose of this book is to encourage the thought processes that lead to success on 4th Street.
  • Cribbage Boards 1863-1998Cribbage Boards 1863-1998
    Enjoyed since Sir John Suckling invented this popular card game in the early 1600s, cribbage is examined here in full-color photos and engaging text. Over 350 color photographs enliven the discussion, displaying many appealing styles and variations. Cribbage boards of war and peace, with 61 and 121 point scoring, and on which pegs follow the straight and narrow or meander across the board in innovative street designs all are featured here. Also a history of the game and of the American companies that have produced cribbage boards such as H. Baron Co., E.S. Lowe, Milton Bradley, and Whitman Publishing is provided. Pictured and discussed are boards created from exotic materials including ivory and bone, and methods for determining the age of heirloom boards. Rounding out the presentation are cribbage board values and an extensive bibliography. A must for card game lovers, gamblers, and collectors alike.

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Note: You may also want to consider investing in a general Card Games Rule Book, which contains rules for Cribbage as well as numerous other card games.

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