EuchreEuchre is a popular, fast-paced card game, most commonly played by four players, in partnerships of two.

In Ainslie's Complete Hoyle, Tom Ainslie says: "Before Poker emerged, Euchre was beyond challenge as the most popular card game in the United States". Richard Frey, in According to Hoyle, reports that "In one period (1880-1905) this was the most popular 'family' game in the United States. It is closely related to three other 'national' games: Écarté in France, Napoleon in England, and Spoil Five in Ireland".

In Teach Yourself Card Games, David Parlett relates an interesting story:

Euchre's chief claim to fame is the fact that it is the game for which the Joker was invented. Here's how it came about. In Euchre, the two highest trmnps are the Jack of the trump suit and the other Jack of the same colour, known respectively as the Right Bower and the Left Bower. Bower doesn't mean 'one who bows': it comes from German Bauer, meaning (literally) 'farmer' and (secondarily) 'Jack'. In the 1860s American players started adding to the game the blank card that was customarily included in every pack, counting it as the highest trump of all, or Best Bower. Playing-card manufacturers responded to this use by overprinting this card with the phrase Best Bower, accompanied by an arbitrary pictorial design, such as an eagle. The design that eventually won out was that of a jester, and it seems quite likely that the word Joker was suggested by the name of the game. Here it is necessary to note that 'Euchre' is a bizarre spelling for a word pronounced Yooker and deriving from a German game originally spelt Jucker (which also means Jack). In short, the Joker amounts to a highly glorified Jack. In England, the Best Bower is often represented by the ♣2, and is called (the) 'Benny'.

Euchre is played with a short deck (either 24 or 32 cards, plus a single joker) of standard playing cards or with specialized Euchre playing cards, and may also be played on your computer with euchre software, or on the web with online euchre games using your computer browser or smartphone.

If you're just getting started with euchre, check out the collection of euchre rules, or get one of the many fine euchre books that feature written rules and strategy guides.

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