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FlinchFirst introduced back in 1905, Flinch is now over a century old, but still better than ever. Flinch is the seemingly simple but surprisingly difficult card game in which players attempt to discard from their stockpiles of 10 cards by playing them in numerical sequence (when possible). Sure, it sounds like a round of this could be over in minutes, but it never turns out that way.

The original, handsome design of the cards is still intact, but the makers of the game have come up with some additional contests for modern folk, including wild cards, a solitaire version, and one just for kids.

Contains: 144 Casino-Quality cards, illustrated rules and history of Flinch.

Number Of Players: 1 to 8
Recommended Ages: 7 and up

Flinch Games

  • FlinchFlinch
    In Flinch all you have to do is get rid of the 10 cards in your stockpile. You'll do this by playing them in numerical sequence onto the play piles in the center of the table. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Wait and see! Flinch was released in 1903 and been entertaining generations ever since.

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Flinch Trivia

Flinch is a commercial version of the traditional card game Spite & Malice. It was invented in 1901 by A.J. Patterson.

Flinch Links

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    Learn the history of the game, browse pictures of vintage decks, and discuss Flinch with other enthusiasts.
  • Flinch Rules
    Learn how to play the Flinch card game, with these vintage (1963) rules for Flinch and several variations.
  • Winning Moves Flinch Rules
    The official rules to the Flinch card game, including variations such as Flinch 2000, Muggins, Solitaire Flinch, and Collector's Flinch. [PDF]
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