Hearts Wizard

Hearts Wizard

Hearts Wizard is the ultimate Hearts card game, designed to challenge both the novice and the expert, and provide you hours of enjoyment. Hearts Wizard will adapt perfectly to your computer, to your playing abilities, and to your playing preferences.

You can customize the appearance of the game by choosing from a selection of built-in art for card backs and color schemes, and customize the game's animation and speed, and whether your cards are sorted low to high, or high to low. You can also choose the suit order, and choose from nine opponent profiles with three ability levels and three "risk taking" levels. The game also offers the ability to customize the sounds and voices, each of which may be independently be turned on or off.

Hearts Wizard also features a hint system that will advise you on strategies and probabilities, recomputing the odds for you as each card is played. How many cards might opponents be holding in each suit? What are my chances of running? What are the odds that a suit will break properly?

Hearts Wizard allows you to take back any trick, restart play from anywhere in the hand, or replay an entire hand. To improve your play, you can review a game trick-by-trick, examining each player's initial holdings and winning cards. Statistics are kept individually for each player (set up as many player names as you wish). You can view "current game" or "cumulative" statistics, as well as examine player tendancies such as the card each of your opponents usually pass, how often each player keeps or passes the Queen of Spades, who runs the most, which cards you usually pass, and where your points are coming from. In all, there are sixteen comprehensive statistics screens.

You can download a free trial of HeartsWizard, which lets you enjoy the complete game for 30 days with no obligation. When you decide to purchase, you can do so from within the game, with no additional downloads required. You will receive an electronic license key to convert the trail version into a fully licensed version of Hearts Wizard.

You have the option of purchasing a 1-year license for $9.95, a 2-year license for $14.95, or a permanent license for $29.95.


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Last Update: August 30th, 2011