HeartsHearts is a popular trick-taking game, but unlike most games, the the object is to avoid winning hands - or at least to avoid winning hands containing hearts, and most especially, to avoid taking the queen of spades (known as the "Black Lady"). Conversely, if you manage to win all the points - that is, all 13 hearts plus the queen of spades - then you have "shot the moon". and can either subtract 26 points from your score, or add 26 point to all your opponents scores.

In spite of the apparent simplicity of the rules, the game allows ample opportunity for skillful play, and according to one commentator, "is almost unsurpassed for opportunities to apply skill and deduction in analyzing the meanings of your opponents' play and in planning your own strategy so as to make the most of what you deduce about the other players' hands when compared to the strength of your own hand." (John Scarne in Scarne on Cards)

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