MindTrap Card Game

MindTrapKing Henry VIII gave his wife a bottomless container to put flesh and blood in. What did he give her?" "How could you give someone $63 using six bills, without using one-dollar bills?" MindTrap's is a puzzle-solving party card game featuring more than 500 riddles, mysteries, and trick questions that will have you scratching your head as you puzzle out the answers.

Two teams of one or more players try to out-reason each other as they respond to questions correctly and roll the die to advance around the score pad, which features entwined chains of light and dark squares that form an optical illusion. Play a long round or short, at home or in the car, or just tease your own brain by reading through the questions. The score pad, die, and cards are kept neat in a sturdy, travel-size cardboard game box.

Number Of Players: 2 or more
Recommended Ages: 12 and up

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