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PinochlePinochle is a popular card game that uses a special deck of 48 cards, and may be played as a two-handed, three-handed, or partnership game. The main object of the game is to form melds of three or more cards.

The following Pinochle books include instruction books, strategy guides, tutorials, and more:

Featured Pinochle Books

  • MacDougall On PinochleMacDougall On Pinochle
    This is a reprint of a vintage book on Pinochle, covering history, rules, and strategy for Auction Pinochle, Two-Handed Pinochle, Partnership Pinochle, and more. By Mickey Macdougall.

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Note: You may also want to consider investing in a general Card Games Rule Book, which contains rules for Pinochle as well as numerous other card games.

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