PinochlePinochle is a popular card game that uses a special deck of 48 cards (two each of the aces, face cards, tens, and nines of all four suits), and may be played as a two-handed, three-handed, or partnership game. The main object of the game is to form melds of three or more cards. Pinochle is the American version of "Bezique", and is a popular game for both casual and tournament play.

Pinochle Links

  • American Pinochle Association
    The APA (American Pinochle Association) is dedicated to providing competitive yet friendly tournaments for the serious pinochle players: both on-line and live tournaments.
  • Grand Prix Card Tournaments
    Grand Prix Tournaments is the host to the World Series of Classic Card Games, including the World Series of Spades, the World Series of Euchre, the World Series of Hearts, the World Series of Pinochle, and the World Series of Bid Whist.
  • National Pinochle Association
    National Pinochle Association, Inc. (NPA) is an organization that promotes the game of pinochle, adheres to the interest of the membership, contributes to charity and creates opportunities for friendship, goodwill and social development.
  • Pinochle Players Web Site
    If you like to play Pinochle, meet new friends, win trophies and prizes, and have a great time, check out this web site.
    Strategies and tutorials for playing the card game Pinochle.
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Last Update: July 28th, 2011