PitchPitch is a trick-taking card game popular in the United States. Descended from an English game called "All Fours" and a later game called "Seven Up", Pitch is also known as "Auction Pitch", "Setback", and "High-Low Jack". There are similar games known as "Smear" (or "Schmier"), "Cinch", "Smudge", "Pedro", and "California Jack". It is played with a standard 52-card deck (with or without aces), and may be played by 2 to 7 players, either in partnerships or cutthroat (each player for him or her self).

Pitch Links

  • CinchGame.net
    Learn about the card game "Cinch" (a variation of Pitch), with rules, tips, and more,
  • Pagat Pitch
    John McLeod's Card Games site has rules for a number of Pitch games, including "Partnership Pitch", "Cutthroat Pitch", "Nine Card Pitch", "Oklahoma Ten Point Pitch". The site also has a page for a related game called Smear (Schmier). The pages feature detailed rules and links.
  • Wikipedia Pitch
    Learn about the Pitch card game from the free online encyclopedia, with rules and variations.
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