Quiddler Word Card Game

Quiddler Word Card GameThe rules are brutal, but the rewards are worth it in this card game that works a bit like Scrabble mixed with Rummy. Although there is a solitary version of the game for one player, you can play with up to eight. Cards containing letters of the alphabet and special combinations of letters are dealt in increasing number each time the dealer completes a round. Once you've collected your share, you can discard and pick up a new card with each turn.

The object is to turn all the letters in your possession into dictionary-proof words while leaving one stray card as a final discard. You want to be the first to accomplish the goal, of course, but there is a scoring system that makes the play competitive for everyone. One nice element is the cards themselves: the letter design is based on beautiful artwork from Celtic manuscripts.

Quiddler has won numerous industry awards, including the Parents' Choice Silver Award, the Creative Child's Seal of Excellence Award, the A+ Award from the Educational Clearinghouse, the Mensa Select Award, a Games 100 Award, and many more.

Number Of Players: 1 to 8
Recommended Ages: 8 and up

Quiddler Games

  • Quiddler DeluxeQuiddler Deluxe
    The challenge of Quiddler is to arrange your entire hand into words! Draw and discard in turn, while trying to use those high point letters - but don't get caught with them uncombined! Quiddler is fast paced because you can play using everyday words. A bonus is given for the most words in each round (so short words can help you win), as well as for the longest word. Quiddler Deluxe comes in a collectible tin and includes the Quiddler SHORT Word Dictionary for players to use when its not their turn.

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Quiddler Links

  • Quiddler Rules
    The official rules for Quiddler, the short word game.
  • Quiddler Short Word Dictionary
    An extensive collection of only short words that was created to increase your competitive edge while playing Quiddler. The dictionary not sold separately, and is only available with Quiddler Deluxe.
  • The Quiddler Daily Puzzle
    Play a puzzle version of Quiddler that changes daily.
  • Wikipedia Quiddler
    Learn about the game from the free online encyclopedia.
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