Rook Card Game

RookSince 1906, ROOK has entertained millions and millions of card game lovers.

It's much easier to play than Bridge, more fun than Pinochle, and more varied than Hearts. Rook is played with a deck of 56 numerical cards and the unique Rook bird card.

The game is played by dealing out the entire deck and placing the "Rook" in the center of the table. Each card in the deck is assigned a point value. Players and teams bid to see how many points they think they will accumulate by the end of the hand. Win tricks to pick up cards and rack up the points. Just be sure to bid wisely–not making your bid can give your opponent a big advantage. The game ends when a certain amount of points have been accumulated.

Number Of Players: 1 to 6
Recommended Ages: 8 and up

Rook Games

  • Rook DeluxeRook Deluxe
    Rook Deluxe features a deck of 56 premium-quality, numerical ROOK cards (no face cards) and the unique ROOK Bird Card. Also includes score sheets and the first modern Players Guide, ROOK IN A BOOK - an 48 page book with rules for all popular ROOK variations including "Kentucky Discard" and TOURNAMENT ROOK. You'll find a complete analysis of these variations plus "winning tips" to improve your play. Rules for many other variations are included for: two, three, four, five or six players, plus special children's games.
  • RookRook
    A favorite for nearly 100 years, this classic card game is easier than Bridge, more challenging than Hearts. Make your bids, play your tricks, but look out for that rook! The ultimate wild card, this big bird can fly off with your well-laid plans. This deck of Rook cards includes 56 cards, in four colors. Each colored set is numbered 1 to 14. The easy to read, illustrated rules even make the game simple, even forů well, rookies. Comes in a sturdy box for easy storage. Game rules included for 2, 3, 5 or 6 individual players or for 4 players (in 2 teams).

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Rook Trivia

"Rook cards were introduced in the early 20th century for the benefit of members of certain Protestant sects that considered playing cards to be sinful. Parker Brothers filled the void with a game that was played like cards but did not use the standard playing-card deck. Rook has four "suits"–colored red, green, black, yellow–with 14 cards in each suit. Dozens of different games can be played with the Rook deck."

Rook Links

  • Deluxe Rook Score Sheet
    Print your own score sheets for Deluxe Rook using this template. [PDF]
  • Five Player Rook
    Rules for a version of Rook played with five players.
  • Internet Rook Page
    The web's premier Rook site, with rules for the game, playing tips, links to other Rook sites, and a list of frequently asked Rook questions. [ Archive Copy ]
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    Rook rules from John McLeod's authoritative Card Games site.
  • Rook Card Collection
    Coit Morrison's Rook Card Collection features images from his private collection of vintage Rook cards.
  • Rook Card Collectors Association
    The ROOK Card Collectors Association is a community of individuals with the common interest of collecting ROOK Cards.
    A comprehensive collection of rules for games that can be played with Rook cards.
    A large resource for the Rook card game. Learn how and where to play Rook online.
  • Winning Moves Deluxe Rook Rules
    The official rules to the Deluxe Rook card game, including variations such as Tournament Rook (Kentucky Discard), Partnership Rook, The Rook Partnership, Dixie, High Card Partner, Partnership For Six, and Tennessee For Two. [PDF]
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