Royalty Word Card Game

Royalty Word Card GameRoyalty is the word card game in which Scrabble meets Rummy. Players form, build, and capture words that offer the highest scoring value. Earn Royalties (premium points) for longer words and words of all one color. Most points win the game!

Royalty is played with a special deck in which each of the cards has a letter of the alphabet, along with a point value. Gameplay is reminiscent of Scrabble, but with cards instead of tiles, and without the crossword-like grid of squares in Scrabble.

The game was created and produced by S. J. Miller Co. in 1959, and is now published by US Games Systems. It was selected as a Games 100 Best Game!

Number Of Players: 1 to 6
Recommended Ages: 6 and up

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  • Royalty Word GameRoyalty Word Game
    Royalty is the word card game in which Scrabble meets Rummy. The object is to form words using the cards in your hand, or to add letters to words that your opponents have created to gain the highest score. Form one word from your hand. Score is determined by points on the red and black cards. If the word is all one color and at least four letters, you've earned a Royalty, and your score doubles!

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