RummikubCombining features of some of the most famous pastimes such as Mah-Jong, Rummy, Dominoes and Chess, Rummikub is a stimulating game requiring a large measure of strategy and a small dose of luck. Rummikub is a commercial version of Tile Rummy.

Rummikub was developed by Ephraim Hertzano in the early 1930s. The first Rummikub sets were hand-made one at a time in the Hertzano's backyard by the immediate family. In the early fifties Rummikub was hawked door to door, and small shop keepers had to be convinced to take a game or two on consignment. This resulted in the steady germination of Rummikub's reputation for outstanding play value and enjoyment which was spread by word of mouth.

Today Rummikub is the third best-selling game in the world and the best-selling tile number game. More than 40 million Rummikub games have been sold to date in 52 countries across 5 continents, printed in 25 languages.

Over the years, a number of different religious groups have associated playing cards with gambling, and have enforced a strict prohibition against all card games, regardless of whether they were gambling games or not. Rummikub arose as an alternative to this prejudice against playing cards. It is a purely numbered tile game with no images of kings & queens, or other royalty. Rummikub is considered by millions of lay men and women around the world, as socially relaxing and interactive play for all ages. Also clergymen and clergywomen of many denominations enjoy this peaceful and enjoyable game.

Rummikub Games

  • Original Rummikub GameOriginal Rummikub Game
    Here is the original version of the fast-moving rummy tile game loved by millions. Featuring one-piece tile racks and brightly-colored, easy-to-read numbered tiles, this set will provide Rummikub fans with years of enjoyment. Similar to the Rummy that you play with cards, you try to get rid of all your tiles by forming numbers into runs of 3 tiles or more, or 3 to 4 of a kind. The colors of the numbers on the tiles are like card suits. This game may start rather uneventfully, but when the players start putting more and more tiles in play, the options for your upcoming turns can become more complex, challenging, and exciting. Don't get caught with the joker on your rack if someone else shouts out "Rummikub!"
  • Rummikub Electronic Handheld GameRummikub Electronic Handheld Game
    Rummikub is the fast moving rummy tile game that has been enjoyed by people everywhere for over half a century! Players make points by collecting sets or building runs in the same color. Now you can take Rummikub with you and play anytime, anywhere with this electronic handheld version. Play against a friend or the computer with three game modes: Practice, Mini-Tournament, or Tournament. Helpful hints mode in the Practice mode helps you become a better player.
  • Rummikub 8 Round Rummy Card GameRummikub 8 Round Rummy Card Game
    This is a fast-paced Rummikub card game with a new twist. Players go through eight rounds, with each round having a different goal. In round one all seven cards must be the same color. In round two all cards in your hand must be the same shape. In round three all seven cards must be the same shape and color. And so on... Wild cards help you along the way. Be the player with the most points at the end of round eight to win!
  • Nickelodeon Rummikub Kids' EditionNickelodeon Rummikub Kids' Edition
    Kids' favorite Nickelodeon characters - like Spongebob, Dora, Diego and Kai-Lan, create a version of Rummikub that's fun and helps players learn numbers and shape recognition. Three levels of play! For 2 - 4 players, ages 4 and up. Contents Include: 42 tiles, 4 game racks and instructions.

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Rummikub Links

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    Rules to the game of Rummikub, as well as a listing of Rummikub downloads for Windows and Macintosh.
    Lemada Light Industries is the manufacturer of Rummikub and other games. Their site contains information on the game, its history, rules, and playing tips, as well as details on all available versions of the game. Note: Rummikub® is a registered trademark of Lemada Light Industries. Some of the text on this page is provided courtesy of their web site.
  • Tile Rummy Online
    Play an online version of Tile Rummy (AKA Rummikub) against a computer opponent in this fun and engaging card game.

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