Tile Rummy

Tile RummyTile Rummy is the traditional version of the commercial game Rummikub (though there are differences in rules).

Tile Rummy uses plastic tiles, rather than playing cards. Although this takes up more table space than cards, the tiles are easier to read and organize, and when used with a card rack (usually included in a Tile Rummy set, or available as an accessory), it makes it simple to keep track of all the tiles in your "hand".

In Tile Rummy, like most Rummy games, the object it to create "melds" – three or more of a kind, or three or more consecutive values of the same suit. You may also add tiles to your opponent's melds, and the use of jokers (wild cards) adds an additional element of strategy.

Tile Rummy Games

  • Orchard Street Tile Rummy SetOrchard Street Tile Rummy Set
    This Tile Rummy Set includes LARGE Standard Size Numbers on Engraved uria stone tiles (the same material bowling balls are made of), and comes complete with 4 plastic racks, instruction booklet and Leatherette Case. Size of tiles: 1-1/2" x 1" x 3/16".

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Tile Rummy Links

  • Pagat Tile Rummy
    Rules for a number of tile-based rummy games.
  • Romi
    Romi lets you play Rummy Tile (RummyCube, Rummikub, Rami) games against the computer at three different levels. For Macintosh and iOS devices.
  • Rummi
    Play Tile Rummy and other variations of Manipulation Rummy, popular card or tile games of combination, strategy and a little luck. One variation has become known under the name of Rummikub. Play against your PC or with someone else over the Internet. Many options for a wide variety of game rules. Choose from different card or tile sets in various sizes, or design your own. Get a hint while you play.
  • RummyRoyal
    RummyRoyal is the first and only online Rummy community where you can experience a real multiplayer online Rummy game sessions of up to four players at a time. Join thousands of players from all over the world in free or exciting real-money multiplayer games and tournaments! You can play Gin Rummy, Oklahoma, Kaluki, and Tile Rummy games with RummyRoyal's advanced gaming software.
  • Tams11 TileRummy
    Play Tile Rummy online at the Tams11 game lobby. [Requires Windows download]
  • Tile Rummy Online
    Play an online version of Tile Rummy (AKA Rummikub) against a computer opponent in this fun and engaging card game.
  • Touch Rummy
    Play Tile Rummy on your iOS device. Touch Rummy is fun, sometimes difficult, but always entertaining.
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