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WhistWhist is a classic four-player, partnership, trick-taking card game of English origins, valued for its simple rules yet great capacity for strategic play. Whist reached its peak in the late 19th century, but remains a popular game with clubs and social groups.

The following Whist books include instruction books, strategy guides, tutorials, and more:

Featured Whist Books

  • Foster's Whist ManualFoster's Whist Manual
    Whist was a wildly popular card game in the late 19th century--so popular that it was almost one's social duty to become an accomplished Whist player. Among the most reliable authorities and instructors was R.F. Foster, who developed a complete hands-on system for learning the game and becoming a first-class player. Those who follow his system can become expert in leading, playing the second hand, developing strategies, seeing signals, and using trumps. Also included are the Laws of Whist as adopted at the Third American Whist Congress in 1893, the Laws of Duplicate Whist, and the Etiquette of Whist. "No book has won more popularity among the Whist-loving community than Foster's Whist Manual."
  • How to Play Whist: With the Laws and Etiquette of WhistHow to Play Whist: With the Laws and Etiquette of Whist
    Originally published in 1891, this volume by Richard A. Proctor, from the Cornell University Library's print collection is now available in paperback for modern audiences. The book, sub-titled "Whist-Whittlings, and Forty Fully-Annotated Games", is introduced thus by the author: "Whist, properly played, is the finest of all card games; perhaps -- not even excepting chess -- the finest of all sedentary games."
  • The Correct Card: Or, How to Play at Whist. A Whist CatechismThe Correct Card: Or, How to Play at Whist. A Whist Catechism
    This vintage Whist book, by Arthur Campbell Walker, is introduced by the author: "What card should I play? This is the question that presents itself at every stage of the game of Whist, and which I shall endeavor to answer."

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Note: You may also want to consider investing in a general Card Games Rule Book, which contains rules for Whist as well as numerous other card games.

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