WhistWhist is a classic four-player, partnership, trick-taking card game of English origins, popular due to its simple rules yet great capacity for strategic play.

In The Complete Hoyle's Games Lawrence H. Dawson called Whist "the venerable parent of all games played with the full pack". It is a direct antecedent of Bridge (as well as a great many other games), and at one time it was the "foremost intellectual and social card game of its day, a great game due to the fact that it has extremely simple rules of play, yet can give rise to considerable depth of skill" (David Parlett in Tech Yourself Card Games).

Whist originated in the 17th century, and reached its peak of popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries, with a large number of books, magazines, and newsletter devoted to study of the game and improvements in "scientific" play and strategies.

Whist is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards, and may also be played on your computer with whist software, or on the web with online whist games using your computer browser or smartphone.

If you're just getting started with whist, check out the collection of whist rules, or get one of the many fine whist books that feature written rules and strategy guides.

Whist Links

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  • National Bid Whist Association
    A group of Professional Bid Whist Players dedicated to ensuring the expansion and marketability of the game we love: Bid Whist. This is accomplished by providing safe, affordable, and fair competitions that allow bid whist players from around the world to test their skills against the best players in the nation.
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    John McLeod's Card Games site has Whist information and rules for a number of Whist variations, including Bid Whist, German Whist, Israeli Whist, Knockout Whist, Manni, Minnesota Whist, Oh Hell, Romanian Whist, Ruff and Honours, Sergeant Major, Solo Whist, and Tribello.
  • Wikipedia Whist
    Learn about the game of Whist from the free online encyclopedia, with history, rules, and a list of Whist variations.
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Last Update: September 20th, 2011