2011 Cribbage Board Collectors Convention

2011 Cribbage Board Collectors ConventionThe Cribbage Board Collectors Society will be holding their 12th annual convention in Grand Haven, Michigan this year, on September 16 and 17, 2011.

According to mlive.com:

Cribbage is an "old school" board game, something like a combination between poker and dominoes.

While some organizations based on the somewhat complicated game are focused on strategy and how best to "skunk" their opponents, the get-togethers among collectors are about showing off rare or handmade boards.

Members will be "displaying many of their prized boards, playing tournaments and enjoying what Grand Haven has to offer," Bradshaw said.

The nationwide group with 150 active members started holding annual conventions in 2000. He said 42 members plan on making the trip, some from as far way as Washington State.

The convention will be Friday and Saturday at the Spring Lake Holiday Inn, 940 W. Savidge, but is only open to the public 10 a.m. to noon Saturday. Residents can stop by and see the wide and varied collections of members, and maybe take a board home, if the bid is right.

There will be a silent auction and board-swapping at the convention.

Here is the Convention Registration Form.

And here is a recap of the 2010 convention, which took place in Des Moines, IA and included presentations about ivory cribbage boards, magnetic cribbage boards, handmade boards, folding travel boards, and historic cribbage boards.

Learn more about cribbage boards.

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