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  • International Poker Federation Aims To Legitimize Poker

    International Poker Federation Aims To Legitimize PokerInternational Poker Federation president Anthony Holden discusses the way that poker is perceived among the general public, and compares it to bridge and chess as a 'mind sport' worthy of serious study and respect.
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  • Hoyle Card Games 2012 Launched

    Hoyle Card Games 2012 LaunchedHoyle Card Games 2012 is the largest & most comprehensive collection of card games available for both PC & Mac, featuring more than 150 game variations.
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  • Bridgepoint Playing Cards

    Bridgepoint Playing CardsBridgepoint Playing Cards were invented by Maurice Freedman, and sold by the Bridgepoint Playing Card Company. Their 'exclusive point count feature' claims to 'speed bidding' and 'help beginners'.
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  • About Cribbage Strategy

    About Cribbage StrategyFrom Seth Brown at comes four articles on Cribbage strategy: What to discard when it is your crib, What to throw in your opponent's crib, What to lead in the counting round, and What to play as the second card of the counting round.
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  • The American Card Player

    The American Card PlayerContaining Clear and Comprehensive Directions For Playing The Games of Euchre, Whist, Bezique, All-Fours, Pitch, Commercial Pitch, French Fours, All Fives, Cassino, Cribbage, Straight and Draw Poker, and Whiskey Poker: Together With All The Laws Of Those Games.
    read more Posted on 10-06-2011, Filed Under: Vintage, Books

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