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  • What to discard when it is your crib -- After dealing a hand in Cribbage, the first decision you have to make is what cards to discard to your crib. This decision is often a difficult one; unlike the non-dealing player, you don't simply want to hold "good" cards and discard "bad" cards.
  • What to throw in your opponent's crib -- The first decision you will make each round of Cribbage is what two cards to discard to the crib. If you are the non-dealer, you want to leave your opponent as weak a crib as possible. This means not discarding two cards likely to turn into lots of points for your opponent. Here are some points to consider when it is your opponent's crib in the card game Cribbage.
  • What to lead in the counting round -- Once you've discarded your extra cards to the crib and revealed the cut card, it's time for the counting round. Often overlooked by novice players, the counting round is where clever play can be more important than the cards you hold. Here are some tips on what to lead as the non-dealer in a game of Cribbage.
  • What to play as the second card of the counting round -- As the dealer in Cribbage, your opponent will always play the first card of the counting round. Your response to the lead, the first card you play, is your earliest opportunity to get points each round. However, it is also important to protect the rest of the round for yourself. Here are some tips for responding to the lead in the card game Cribbage.

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