Best-Selling Playing Cards, Dec. 19, 2011

Here are some of the best-selling playing cards during the third week of December 2011, including both traditional playing cards and trading card games:

  • Bicycle Guardians Playing CardsBicycle Guardians Playing Cards
    Designed in conjunction with the minds behind Theory11, the Bicycle Guardians Playing Cards are perfect for everyday play, card collectors, and as a tool in your magician's arsenal. The single deck of 52 playing cards features a regular index and the cards are built for enhanced flexibility and strength.

  • Bicycle Tragic Royalty Playing CardsBicycle Tragic Royalty Playing Cards
    This is a deck of poker size playing cards that glow under black light. The backs feature the classic Bicycle design in black, red, and gray. The fronts are also black, red, and gray, and the face cards are all unique and distinctly morbid caricatures of royalty.

  • Bicycle Eco Edition Playing CardsBicycle Eco Edition Playing Cards
    The Bicycle Eco Edition Playing Cards feature sustainable forest paper materials as well as vegetable based inks, and starch based laminating glue. Feel good about playing your games, knowing that the product is recyclable!

  • AquaLivin 4360 Waterproof Playing CardsAquaLivin Waterproof Playing Cards
    These poker-sized playing cards are perfect for playing card games while enjoying a pool or spa. They can be played and shuffled in water without damage or sticking together. The cards are 100% waterproof and made of durable PVC material. Includes a plastic carrying/storage case.

  • Bicycle The Dog Artlist Collection Playing Cards'The Dog Artlist' Playing Cards
    If you love dogs, this is the set of playing cards for you! Features 54 different breeds, large and small -- your favorite breed is sure to be included. We proudly craft each deck using custom paper and coatings, so you can trust Bicycle performance hand after hand. 100% Plastic Playing Cards with great feel.

  • United States Playing Cards 1001781 Double-Pack Poker CardsUnited States Playing Cards 1001781 Double-Pack Poker Cards
    They're a classic pair--and a staple in any game lover's collection. Open the outer storage box to reveal two boxed 54-card decks, one red-backed and one blue-backed, sealed in plastic. Each card boasts a finish designed to allow easy dealing and comfortable gripping. As always, the Victorian design with bike-riding cherubs graces the back of each playing card, and the set is guaranteed against manufacturer's defects.

  • Hoyle Super Jumbo Playing Cards (2pk)Hoyle Super Jumbo Playing Cards (2pk)
    This is a double deck of Hoyle bridge-sized plastic-coated, Nevada-finished playing cards with super jumbo index print and featuring red and blue classic designs on the card backs. These cards are easy to shuffle and deal, and are durable yet inexpensive. A great gift for card players of all ages!

  • KEM Arrow Black and Gold Poker Size Standard Index Playing CardsKEM Arrow Black and Gold Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards
    KEM plastic playing cards contain no vinyl, which is the raw material used by all other playing card manufacturers for their "plastic" playing cards. KEM cards can handle the wear and tear like no other brand of card in the industry. KEM's high performance cards will last longer, shuffle better, and deal in such a manner that you will never want to play with anything else again.

  • Harry Potter Good vs Evil Double Deck Playing CardsHarry Potter Good vs Evil Double Deck Playing Cards
    Harry Potter Muggles Fans will delight with this collectible double deck of playing cards in colorful storage tin. There are 30 unique images of the good and evil characters taken from the Harry Potter movies in each deck. (Individual Images appear on no more than two cards in each deck.) Cards may be used to play all your favorite games. Includes 52 playing cards and 3 jokers in each of the two decks. Cards are stored in a richly illustrated tin with snap-on, snap-off cover.

  • Copag Poker Size Regular Index 1546 Playing Cards (Black Gold Setup)Copag Poker Size Regular Index 1546 Playing Cards (Black Gold Setup)
    These two regulation-size poker decks each measure 2.5-by-3.5-inches (W x H), and are made of practically indestructible PVC plastic material for years of use. Completely washable via a quick wipe with a damp cloth, the cards won't soil over time, and come complete with a hard plastic storage and carrying case. Made from PVC plastic, an ultra high performing material, COPAG cards can handle the normal wear and tear of game play for remarkable periods of time. These high performance cards will last longer, shuffle better, and provide such a premium feel, you may never want to play with anything else again.

Details courtesy of Amazon, based on sales numbers on their e-commerce web site, and reflect the buying behavior of millions of people.

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