Card Game Buzz, Dec. 8, 2011

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  • Money HabitudesCard game draws out your attitudes about money
    Syble Solomon, who gives lectures on the psychology of money, came up with a creative way to get people to open up about their finances. She's created Money Habitudes, a deck of cards that individuals, couples and groups can use to explore how certain attitudes support or sabotage their financial lives. (Note: Games and books in the Money Habitudes series include: Money Habitudes, Money Habitudes II, Money Habitudes: A Guide for Professionals Working with Money Related Issues, Money Habitudes for Couples, and Money Habitudes for Teens)
  • World Of Warcraft'World Of Warcraft' Is Getting a Deck Building Game
    The game supports up to four players and includes 425 cards. It'll be out in spring 2012 and should retail for $45.00. Sounds like a good buy for anyone looking to chill with World of Warcraft guildies IRL or anyone with a hankerin' to build some decks, booster pack-free.
  • CPU WarsCPU Wars Is the Geekiest Card Game Ever
    Just like many other card games out there, CPU Wars is a battle for the cards with the most points, or in this case, the CPU with the highet specs. This is also known as a Trump card--a card that outranks all the other cards being played. The game is "lots of fun, it has a bit of strategy and can be played during a break or over a coffee."
  • Monarch Playing CardsMonarch Playing Cards
    Beautiful photos of a deck of Monarch Playing Cards: "Monarch Playing Cards express elegance, clarity, and pride. We didn't want to settle with adequate or even greatness - we wanted perfection, with an uncompromising eye for quality and durability. These playing cards, and the tuck case, are fit for a king. The back design is truly a masterpiece."
  • cribbageCounting on cribbage: Volunteers help Stillwater fourth-graders practice math by playing cards
    Instead of flashcards and worksheets, volunteers are armed with cribbage boards, decks of playing cards and lots of patience. Since 2003, about two dozen volunteers from the Bayport Senior Center have been teaching the students how to play cribbage. The kids are sharpening their addition and factoring skills, as well as learning how to strategize. But they're also building new friendships.
  • Mermaid BeachTween creates Mermaid Beach card game
    When Emily Ehlers and her family took a year-long boating trip on the Atlantic a few years back, expert sea legs and nautical memories weren't the only things that the middle schooler took away from the adventure. While seafaring, she developed a card game, Mermaid Beach, as a pastime for her and her two brothers, Jake and Drew - and in a rare development, a game manufacturer bought the idea and put it on the market.

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