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Here is the latest news in the world of card games and playing cards, for the month of March, 2013:

Card-game squabble leads to broken jaw

"An Indianapolis man required surgery to place a steel plate in his jaw following an alleged assault that started with a dispute over rules during a card game." [link]

Suggestion: Check our card game rules next time, before whomping on each other!

Trading-card games boom as social events

Trading-card games boom as social events"Almost every night of the week at comic-book stores and card shops across Central Florida, dedicated players do battle by invoking the powers of wizards, dragons, zombies, aliens and sometimes the cuddly yellow Pichu character from the Pokémon series. Though trading-card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering have been around for years, the players are increasingly getting out of their bedrooms and packing gaming shops." [link]

The Basque card game with the funny name

"To an outsider, they may just look like a group of men playing cards. However, the game of Mus is a Basque tradition that has been brought to Elko as part of their heritage. In preparation for the annual North American Basque Organization Mus tournament, several club members have been in practice all year long. Twice weekly, these men meet at Biltoki and The Star Hotel, where they play for hours." [link]

11 Card Games You Should Play on International TableTop Day

International TableTop DaySuggestions for International TableTop Day (March 30, 2013): "Leave that old deck of 52 standard playing cards right where it is in that junk drawer of yours. It's time to try out some newer cards with this list of 11 card games you need to know about -- some of which you absolutely must try for yourself." [link]

Card Game Demands Communication

"Elizabeth Gray decided to find a way for people to talk again. She developed a new card game called Snooper, which encourages players to communicate and 'bridge the gap between what we know and don't know about each other on a personal and fun level'. 'I realised people don't seem to have proper, in-person conversations anymore, which I think is really sad,' she said." [link]

Online Games Tournaments are Rising in Popularity

"Online game tournaments are similar to other massive, multi-player online games where many different players play against each other simultaneously, while sitting at different locations around the world. Many times, rewards or cash prizes are given to the winners and are a great attraction and motivation for the best players to participate." [link]

Recent Card Game Releases

Dr. Lakra's Mutant Laboratory

Dr. Lakra's Mutant Laboratory"Awesomely Grotesque Playing Cards For Kids: The set comes with 84 triangles, each of which features one-fourth of a face line-drawn in Lakra's signature style. The 21 black-and-white characters are sweaty and slobbering, beset with skin conditions, missing teeth, band-aids and nose-rings, snouts and beaks -- Mad Magazine meets the Garbage Pail Kids for the growing youth of today." [link]

Dons of Desperado

"Dons of Desperado is a story and artwork-driven mobile Card Battle RPG that allows users to collect cards and use them to compete with other players in countless missions, battles, and special events. In the game's story, the gamer plays a character who has recently suffered from amnesia, fighting to discover his origins and the world around him." For iOS, soon for Android. [link]

Dragon Summoner

Dragon Summoner"Dragon Summoner is a trading card game with animated battle scenes and over 200 cards to collect. Dragon Summoner is in many ways your typical trading card video game, though its battle scenes are designed to make the game feel more dynamic than a plain static card game." For Android. [link]

Cards Against Humanity

"The ultimate politically incorrect game that's been sweeping across college campuses. The game is either $25 or free -- if you're willing to print out the cards on cardstock and cut them yourself. It's an adult game where you can be as immature as you want to be." [link]


Control-Alt-Hack"Control-Alt-Hack is a tremendously fun, hacker-themed strategy card game that uses the mechanic of the classic Steve Jackson Ninja Burger game. It comes out of the University of Washington Computer Security and Privacy Research Lab, and features extremely entertaining and funny computer-security-themed scenarios, buffs, attacks and characters." [link]

Recent Card Game Reviews

Notable Quote

"A man's idea in a game of cards is war, cruel, devastating, and pitiless. A lady's idea of it is a combination of larceny, embezzlement, and burglary."
 ~ Finley Peter Dunne

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