Card Game News, October 2014

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Here is the latest news in the world of card games and playing cards, for the month of October 2014:

Bridging the gap: Card game attracts people of all ages

"From prominent billionaires to young children, Michael Hughes has observed a traditional card game bridge social gaps between many people. As the manager of the Mid-Missouri Bridge Club, Hughes oversees numerous games of bridge at various venues in Central Missouri on a weekly basis.Bridge competitors number about 12-32 at each game and come from all over Mid-Missouri to play. With players of ages ranging from early 20s to mid-90s, the games are one place where you meet people in all walks of life. It's youth ranging from pre-teens to people 100 years old playing a common game with or against each other." [link]

Cheating by tampering with the deck is almost as old as cards themselves

"No one knows exactly when and where playing cards were first invented. What is almost certain is that whenever playing cards appeared, cheaters invented the first marked deck about five minutes later. One of the biggest problems is that cheaters have huge financial incentives to invent new techniques to mark cards." [link]

Saskatchewan card players surprised to learn their card game is trademarked

"At the Caleb Village seniors home in North Battleford, Sask., a group gathers every week to play -- sometimes as late as midnight -- a card game called Kaiser that traces its roots to Saskatchewan and parts of Quebec. So you can imagine their surprise to learn that the game's name is trademarked and that it's now the subject of a lawsuit between two Saskatchewan computer programmers: one with an online version who owns the rights to the name, and the other who has recently developed an app." [link]

Card game offends, entertains participants

"In an age where honesty is often reserved for anonymity, and social media accounts are scraped for off-color content, a deck of cards with the slogan 'a party game for horrible people' on its box has, for many young people, an undeniable allure. That is part of the reason Cards Against Humanity, a card game that rewards the absurd, the offensive and above all the hilarious, has become hugely popular." [link]

Columbia residents develop card game to stimulate conversation, meaningful interaction

"The answer to these questions depends on who you are and your perspective of the environment and culture that surround you. Your answer is based upon a unique construction of thought and how you interact with your world. Discovering and communicating these thoughts and perspectives into meaningful dialect is the goal of a new card game being developed by four Columbia residents. The game, called Spark Cards, is 'a collaborative conversation challenge for the curious,' according to its creators." [link]


Card Game Reviews

  • Splendor -- "A fast-paced and addictive game of chip-collecting and card development, set among merchants of the Renaissance."
  • Coup -- "Full of bluffing, guessing, eliminating other players, trying to be the last one standing."
  • Hand-Off -- "A fantastic football card game that really does feel exciting, nail-biting, and exasperating."
  • Ratuki -- "It's all about being quick to place and collect cards."
  • Crazier Eights -- "A very interesting game where you are always adding cards to your hand and coming up with smart ways to get ride of them."
  • Star Wars: The Card Game -- "This two-player card game puts one player in command of the Rebels and of the Empire."
  • Pirate Deck -- "Players take turns strategically using pirate cards to board a ship and steal treasure."
  • Maha Yodha -- "A two-player strategy card game set in the ancient and mystical world of Indian mythology."

Notable Quote

"Since the average person's small supply of politeness must last him all his life, he can't afford to waste it on bridge partners."
 ~ Alfred Sheinwold

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