Card Game News, February 2015

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Here is the latest news in the world of card games and playing cards, for the month of February 2015:

Guinness World Record Holder's New York Skyline Made of 103,000 Playing Cards on Display

"It took Berg, who is a Guinness World Record holder in card stacking, 14 days to stack more than 270 pounds of cards into the shapes of the Empire State, Chrysler, and Flatiron Buildings, Rockefeller Center, Yankee Stadium, and many other of New York City's iconic buildings and landmarks -- even the Statue of Liberty. Berg used no glue or other tools in his card stacking masterpiece, which sits inside a large glass cube of more than 320 square feet." [link]

A Card Game That Requires You To Keep Your Phone Out Is Genius

"Tired of being guilted into putting your phone away while you and your friends have gathered for an evening of Catan? Try convincing them to play Game of Phones instead. It's a simple card game that requires everyone playing to have a smartphone chock full of music, photos, and social media apps -- at least if they want to win." [link]

Couple hopes new card game generates 'compound' interest

"A local couple has released a board game for children that aims to improve vocabulary and critical-thinking skills. The creation of "Compound It All!" is a first for husband-and-wife duo Danny and Kim Adlerman, who are independent creators of books and music for children. The game is loosely based on the Metuchen couple's 2006 children's book, "How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck?" The book is filled with artwork that illustrates compound words and rhymes. An artist's rendition of a woodchuck is featured on the cover of the board game." [link]

Wrummy 3-4-5 -- Word Rummy Up on Kickstarter

"Wrummy 3-4-5 is a new spin on a classic card game. Instead of getting sets via like-kind or runs, you get sets by making words. So it's a bit of a mix between classic Rummy and Scrabble. They're up on Kickstarter now and looking for some funding love." [link]

Card game was the bridge to a satisfying career

" Lynn Deas is a professional at learning from mistakes. The 62-year-old professional bridge player travels the world winning a game she learned on a whim when she was in high school. The Virginia native and longtime Niskayuna resident said she first became enamored with the game of bridge during a two-week elective course in high school. She loved the give and take of figuring out which teammate had the best hand through the complicated process of bidding." [link]

8 Best Digital Card Games

"Check out eight of our favorite digital card games, from venerable collectible card game (CCG) classics and deck-building upstarts to new, digital-only experiences. Digital card games are undergoing something of a renaissance, with stellar examples such as the ones above, and the mobile app stores are filled with great examples out there." [link]

Push to classify card game bridge a 'sport'

"Would you consider Bridge - the card game - to be a sport? Or recreation? The Northern Suburbs Bridge Club would be happy with either classification, to allow them to access State Government funding. They've launched an e-petition to have the definition used by the Department of Sport and Recreation amended." [link]

Lawsuit over Kaiser name rights dropped, app developer chooses "Troika" as new name for card game

"A legal battle over whether anyone can own the rights to the name "Kaiser" when referring to the popular card game with roots in Saskatchewan will not make its way to the courts any time soon. Saskatoon resident Kevin Currie, who obtained a license agreement to use the name Kaiser in the 1990s and later created an online multi-player version of the game for Windows computers, dropped a lawsuit against another Saskatoon resident who launched a Kaiser smartphone app earlier this year, after the app developer agreed to change the name of his app. Baudais changed the name of his app to "Troika." It's another historical name for the game that is still used by some Ukrainian communities." [link]

Bible-themed card game a big hit among non-Christians in Japan

"'The Bible Hunter' is a successful card game invented by Shinji Matsutani, a Japanese Christian. The game represents Christ and his apostles, as well as the most famous patriarchs and prophets, in anime style. Players collect copies of Scriptures that were lost and scattered throughout the world. Whoever collects all the cards for a Biblical story wins. Since March, 'The Bible Hunter' has sold about 3,000 sets, a huge hit given that sales of 1,000 copies of a publication on a Christian theme is considered a major success in Japan." [link]


Card Game Reviews

  • Android: Netrunner -- "Android: Netrunner is a two-player cyberpunk game featuring asymmetric gameplay. One player takes the role of one of four amoral megacorporations, and their opponent takes the role of a hacker - named "runner" in this setting - in one of three factions. The game develops like a mix between a strategy game and Texas-hold-'em, bluffing and calling while advancing your own position."
  • Sushi Go! -- "Grab the best sushi before your opponents do. The cards depict all things sushi. This includes, but is not limited to Tempura, Sashimi, Maki rolls, and several different versions of Nigiri. Chopsticks, dumplings, wasabi, and pudding are also depicted. "
  • Dodekka -- "A light card game wherein players attempt to collect cards of one suit (color) while avoiding all other suits. This concept will be familiar to those who have played games such as David & Goliath or Mit List und Tucke. Unlike those two games, however, Dodekka is not a trick-taking affair. Rather, it uses a light, take-or-reveal a card mechanism."
  • Conquest of Orion -- "A 4-player card game of galactic conquest played in teams of 2. I rather enjoyed Conquest of Orion and thought it was a neat spin on some classic card game elements. Yes, I do agree there isn't anything really unique here, but I enjoy the mashup."
  • Strife: Legacy of the Eternals -- "What makes the game so enthralling - and Major Fun - is the way in which the abilities interact with each other to produce surprising results. Some abilities increase battle value. Some abilities allow Champions to be swapped. Some abilities cancel abilities. You have to play your cards wisely because at some point you will have to use each one."
  • Skull & Shackles -- "The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game by Paizo Publishing has raised the sails on a new piratey theme: Skull & Shackles. The second core release in the series keeps its core rules and addictive gameplay but adds some fun new twists and a new adventure."
  • Neptune -- "You'd think there would be enough room for everyone in space. I mean, it's space! Big, empty, and cold. But space is home to planets and these spheres made of gas, rock, and ice represent power. This is what people fight and die for. It never made much sense to you until you figured out how much money and control you could have if you had a planet or two of your own. So now you play the same game, fighting in the cold vacuum of space for a few floating planets."
  • Choson -- "A thematic card-driven game for two to four players set in a Japanese steampunk universe. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to play and offers a variety of strategies surrounding collecting sets (families) of cards and using card powers."
  • Pluto Attacks! -- "Aliens have landed! Time to show your small town how great the high school seniors are and save humanity! But do it fast, as Prom is next weekend."
  • Magnum Opus -- "A card game like none other. On the one hand, it a discover-and-locate game using a grid of cards turned face down, three of which will unlock the secrets of the universe. On the other hand, Magnum Opus is a deck-building game as players collect cards and power-ups that will give victory to the craftiest of alchemists."

Notable Quote

"Bridge is a game of mistakes. You have to be able to make a mistake and put it out of your mind."
 ~ Lynne Deas

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