Fluffy Bunny Tea Party

Fluffy Bunny Tea Party"Fluffy Bunny Tea Party" is a delightfully quirky new game from Gizmet Gameworks:

Fluffy Bunny Tea Party is a card game about ruthlessly polite bunnies stuffing their best friends with delicious desserts. Plays with 2-8 players, in about 30 minutes.

In the course of the game, you will play cards to push tasty treats in front of the other bunnies, sip tea, hop and frolic around, and, above all, be sure to mess with your friends while remaining on your best behavior at all times. Impolite bunnies had better watch out!

Most of all, it's a great opportunity to sit down with a handful of friends, talk in ridiculous bunny voices, and be as mean as you can to each other while acting as nicely as possible. The game is quick and fun, and doesn't require anything but the willingness to have a good time. Sounds like a deal, right?

According to an interview with the game's creator, Marc Majcher ('Fluffy' card game makes being nice deceptive):

The game, which consists of a deck of 106 customized Fluffy Bunny Tea Party cards and intended for two to six players, revolves around players giving each other cards that represent desserts while using "ridiculous bunny voices." Kindness between players is required at all times and rude people are penalized. On the surface, at least, "constant politeness" seems like an easy rule to follow -- everyone loves dessert, right? However, considering the fact that the player with the least desserts at the end of the game wins, players sometimes find it difficult to be nice when a dessert is given to them.

"It's a game where you play as fluffy bunnies at a tea party and you are very polite to each other and you try to wind up with the least amount of points," Majcher said, who programs Facebook games for a living. "And screw everyone else over."

The idea for the game came about after Majcher's aunt complained to him that modern gaming is all "violence and killing things and taking stuff." Recognizing a challenge, he decided to create a game that addressed his aunt's concerns. He started planning, doodling ideas in a notebook during meetings and eventually decided on the core idea for the game -- trying to have the lowest number of points while being polite in the process.

The game, with delightful artwork by Halyn Erickson, has been fully funded as a Kickstarter project.

The following video introduces the game:

The game includes 68 action cards, 30 dessert cards, and 8 bunny cards with corresponding teacups. 500 decks of customized game cards will be printed, and the game can be yours for a $20 pledge on Kickstarter.

Fluffy Bunny Tea Party Cards

Fluffy Bunny Tea Party also has a Facebook so that you can keep up with news about the game.

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