• The Cribbage Player's Text-Book

    The Cribbage Player's Text-BookA New and Complete Treatise on the Game, in All Its Varieties; Including the Whole of Anthony Pasquin's Scientific Work on Five-Card Cribbage. Read this seminal work online for free!
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  • Vintage Rook Deck

    Vintage Rook DeckThis is a vintage set of Rook Playing Cards, probably from the late 1960s or early 1970s.
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  • Bridgepoint Playing Cards

    Bridgepoint Playing CardsBridgepoint Playing Cards were invented by Maurice Freedman, and sold by the Bridgepoint Playing Card Company. Their 'exclusive point count feature' claims to 'speed bidding' and 'help beginners'.
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  • The American Card Player

    The American Card PlayerContaining Clear and Comprehensive Directions For Playing The Games of Euchre, Whist, Bezique, All-Fours, Pitch, Commercial Pitch, French Fours, All Fives, Cassino, Cribbage, Straight and Draw Poker, and Whiskey Poker: Together With All The Laws Of Those Games.
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