Card Game Rule Links

The following is a collection of links to web sites offering rules to familiar and obscure card games, along with strategy guides and tutorials.

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    Rules to a number of traditional card games played with standard planying cards.
  • Alphabetical List of Card Game Rules
    A comprehensive alphabetical listing of rules to various card games, including both traditional and commercial card games.
  • Card Gamer's Alley
    Jack O Spades' site offers rules for card games including Panguingue, Cribbage, Hearts, Spades, Whist, Crazy Eights, Solitiare, and more. [ Archive Copy ]
  • Card Games Galore
    Here you can learn to play a variety of card games, including general games such as "Rummy" and "Pinocle", childrens games such as "Go Fish" and "Old Maid", and solitaire games such as "Scorpion". [ Archive Copy ]
  • Dave Barker's House of Cards
    On-line rules for various card games. [ Archive Copy ]
  • Game Cabinet Rules
    Rules to many popular commercial card and board games, reprinted from the original rulebooks that came with the games, with the original illustrations and artwork.
  • Hay's Rule Book
    This site originated from an attempt to collect a comprehensive set of rules for commonly played card games for publication as a reference book. The aim of the site is to eventually contain all games and their variations that are commonly played in the U.S. with cards from a standard American deck.
  • Homestead Card Game Rules
    Rules for all your favorite card games. Free information about card games including rules, tips, how to play.
  • Nicholas's Card Games
    Rules for card games including Ultimate Mao, President, Poker Bull, Oh Hell, Choi Dai Di (aka The Big Two), and Valentine Hearts.
  • Pagat Card Games
    John McLeod's excellent collection of rules to various familiar and obscure card games from around the world. If you're looking for rules to a specific game, head right to the Alphabetical Index of Card Games for a listing of a huge number of card game rules.
  • Parlett's Historic Card Games
    Historic Card Games described by David Parlett. These pages describe card games that today are no longer played widely, if at all, but which are of historical interest for one reason or another. See also: David Parlett's Original Card Games.
  • Rules to Period Games
    Rules to historical card and board games.
    A blog dedicated to card game enthusiasts, with reviews of card games, rules of how to play and even tips and strategies for defeating your opponents.
  • Rummy Rules offers a comprehensive collection of rules and resources for Rummy games, including Gin Rummy, Contract Rummy, Canasta, and many more.
  • Solitaire Rulebook
    The world's most comprehensive collection of solitaire card game rules, featuring well over 1500 different games.
    A nice collection of rules to both classic and original solitaires included in Tom Warfield's "Pretty Good Solitaire".
  • The Rules of the Game
    Simple instruction to your favorite card games, including Poker, Hearts, Crazy Eights, Blackjack, Bridge, & Whist.
  • USPC Card Game Rules Archive
    Game rules from the United States Playing Card Company.
  • Wikipedia Card Game Rules
    The online encyclopedia provides general background on card games, as well as a thorough collection of card game rules.

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